The Toyota Tacoma has long been a symbol of reliability and strength in the pickup truck market. As we move into 2024, Toyota proudly introduces the latest iteration of this iconic model.

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma is not just a vehicle; it’s a testament to Toyota’s commitment to innovation, performance, and sustainability.

This detailed article explores the towing capacity, engine performance, and advanced features of the 2024 Tacoma, offering insights for prospective buyers and beyond.

So, let’s get started and explore the capabilities of this popular pickup truck.

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma Towing Capacity is expected to range between 3,500 – 6,500 pounds and the Payload Capacity between 1,105 – 1,709 lbs. This can vary depending on factors such as the vehicle’s Curb Weight, Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), and other factors.

Engine Specifications – 2024 Toyota Tacoma

SpecificationStandard i-FORCE Enginei-FORCE MAX Hybrid Engine
Engine Type2.4L turbocharged 4-cylinder i-FORCE2.4L turbocharged 4-cylinder i-FORCE MAX + electric motor
HorsepowerUp to 278 HP328 combined HP
Torque317 lb-ft465 lb-ft
Transmission8-speed automatic or 6-speed manual8-speed automatic
Towing Capacity6,500 pounds6,000 pounds
Max Payload Capacity1,709 pounds (when properly equipped)1,709 pounds (when properly equipped)

Towing Capacities – 2024 Toyota Tacoma

Standard i-FORCE Engine

  • Engine: 2.4L turbocharged 4-cylinder i-FORCE
  • Power: Up to 278 horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque
  • Transmission: Choice of 8-speed automatic or 6-speed manual
  • Towing Capacity: 6,500 pounds

i-FORCE MAX Hybrid Engine

  • Engine: 2.4L turbocharged 4-cylinder i-FORCE MAX paired with an electric motor
  • Combined Power: 328 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque
  • Transmission: 8-speed automatic
  • Towing Capacity: 6,000 pounds

The standard engine offers robust towing capabilities, while the hybrid engine enhances fuel efficiency and performance, making it an ideal choice for those frequenting the roads of Tillamook and beyond.

The 2024 Tacoma’s max payload capacity reaches 1,709 pounds when properly equipped, showcasing its readiness for heavy-duty tasks.

Towing and Utility Features – 2024 Toyota Tacoma

The 2024 Tacoma’s towing prowess is supported by an array of features aimed at ensuring a smooth and secure towing experience.

While Toyota has yet to unveil the full list of towing-specific features for the 2024 model, expectations are high for it to maintain or improve upon the previous year’s offerings. Anticipated features include:

  • Class-IV towing hitch receiver for robust connectivity
  • ATF cooler (excludes manual transmission models) for enhanced transmission performance
  • Engine oil cooler and power steering cooler to prevent overheating under heavy loads
  • 130-amp alternator for increased electrical capacity
  • 4- and 7-pin connector with converter for versatile trailer connections
  • Trailer-Sway Control to maintain stability even in challenging conditions

These features, combined with Tacoma’s powerful engine options, make it a formidable player in the realm of towing and hauling.

Class-IV Towing Hitch ReceiverEnsures a secure connection for towing trailers and other heavy loads.
ATF CoolerAvailable on models with automatic transmission to reduce heat during towing.
Engine Oil CoolerHelps maintain optimal engine temperature under heavy loads.
Power Steering CoolerPrevents overheating of the power steering system during extended towing.
130-Amp AlternatorProvides additional electrical capacity for towing and accessory use.
4- and 7-Pin Connector with ConverterOffers versatile connections for different trailer wiring setups.
Trailer-Sway ControlAssists in maintaining trailer stability under adverse conditions.

These tables encapsulate the core aspects of the 2024 Toyota Tacoma that are essential for understanding its capabilities and features, especially for those interested in towing and heavy-duty use.

What you can tow with a 2024 Toyota Tacoma?

Here are some examples of the kinds of trailers and things that you can tow with the 2024 Toyota Tacoma, based on its towing capacity:

  1. Small boats: With a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds, the Toyota Tacoma can easily tow small boats such as dinghies and aluminum fishing boats.
  2. Pop-up campers: If you’re a camping enthusiast, the Toyota Tacoma can tow pop-up campers weighing up to 4,000 pounds.
  3. Utility trailers: The Toyota Tacoma can tow utility trailers used for landscaping or hauling equipment weighing up to 6,400 pounds, making it a great choice for small business owners.
  4. Travel trailers: For those looking to hit the open road, the Toyota Tacoma can tow travel trailers weighing up to 6,800 pounds, allowing you to take your home on wheels with you.
  5. ATV or Jet Ski trailers: If you enjoy outdoor sports, the Toyota Tacoma can tow trailers carrying ATVs or Jet Skis, with weights ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 pounds.

It’s important to note that the type of trailer and the weight of the cargo being towed can affect the Toyota Tacoma’s towing capacity, so always consult the owner’s manual for the specific towing capacity of your vehicle.

Why Choose the 2024 Toyota Tacoma?

Choosing the 2024 Toyota Tacoma means investing in a vehicle that promises reliability, versatility, and efficiency.

Whether it’s the advanced towing capabilities, the choice between a potent standard engine and an innovative hybrid powertrain, or the suite of features designed to enhance towing safety and convenience, the Tacoma is engineered to meet the demands of modern drivers.

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In conclusion, the 2024 Toyota Tacoma offers a range of engine options and trims, each with its own set of towing capabilities. The towing capacity ranges from 3,500 to 6,500 pounds, depending on the engine and trim level.

It’s important to note that towing capacity may vary depending on factors such as drivetrain and other configurations. Tacoma also offers a variety of cab styles to cater to different needs and preferences.

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