The Toyota Tacoma, since its inception, has been a solid contender in the compact and midsize pickup truck category.

It is lauded for its reliability, versatility, and off-road prowess. But what about its towing and payload capabilities?

If you’re planning to haul heavy loads or tow trailers, understanding these ratings is crucial. In this article, we’re going to explore the 2008 Toyota Tacoma’s towing and payload capacities.

Let’s dive into the details.

The 2008 Toyota Tacoma has a maximum Towing Capacity ranging between 3,500 to 6,500 lbs. and a maximum payload capacity ranging from 865 to 1,620 lbs.

These capacities can vary depending on factors such as the vehicle’s Curb Weight, Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), drive, engine, and other factors.

2008 Toyota Tacoma Towing Capacity and Payload Capacity Chart

EnginePayload Capacity (lbs.)Towing Capacity (Std/Max) (lbs.)GCWR (with Towing Pkg) (lbs.)GVWR (lbs.)
2.7L 4-Cyl1,6203,500/3,5008,0005,100
4.0L V61,5203,500/6,5008,100 (11,100)5,450

The 2008 Toyota Tacoma offers various cab types with towing capacities ranging from 3,500 to 6,500 lbs and payload capacities ranging from 865 to 1,620 lbs.

These capacities ensure that the Tacoma can handle a wide range of towing and payload needs, making it a versatile and dependable choice.

Read on to discover the impressive towing and payload capacities of the 2008 Toyota Tacoma and see charts of what Toyota offers in this 2008 Toyota Tacoma model.

Whether you’re planning to tow a trailer or carry a heavy payload, understanding these capabilities is essential.

It is also crucial to remember that the total weight of the vehicle and the trailer should not surpass the Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) specified for the Toyota Tacoma.

Here I’ve collected all the 2008 Toyota Tacoma towing and payload capacity information from the official Toyota resources that include the 2008 Toyota Tacoma Brochure and 2008 Toyota Tacoma.

2008 Toyota Tacoma Overview

Here we will take you through the various model grades, cab options, and engine choices for this truck.

2008 Toyota Tacoma Overview Towing Capacity & Payload Capacity Chart 4x2
2008 Toyota Tacoma 4×2
2008 Toyota Tacoma Overview Towing Capacity & Payload Capacity Chart 4x4
2008 Toyota Tacoma 4×4

Cab Options:

The 2008 Tacoma comes in Regular Cab, extended cab (Access Cab), and crew cab (Double Cab) body styles, with both two- and four-wheel-drive options.

The Tacoma continues with popular PreRunner models, which offer the look and suspension of four-wheel-drive trucks without the actual four-wheel-drive running gear.

Engine Choices:

Two engine options were introduced for the 2008 model:

  • 2.7L 4-Cylinder: The 2.7L 4-Cylinder engine is the smaller option but remains a solid workhorse.
  • 4.0L V6: The 4.0L V6 engine is the more potent option, providing considerably more horsepower and torque.


The 2008 Toyota Tacoma also comes with multiple transmission choices:

  • 5-Speed Manual: Available for both the Regular and Access Cab configurations with the 2.7L 4-Cyl engine, this transmission allows for greater driver control.
  • 4-Speed Automatic: This transmission is available with the 2.7L 4-Cyl engine in both the Regular and Access Cab configurations.
  • 6-Speed Manual: Exclusive to the 4.0L V6 engine, this transmission provides improved performance and fuel efficiency, especially when towing or carrying a heavy load.
  • 5-Speed Automatic: Available with the 4.0L V6 engine in various cab configurations, this automatic transmission is designed for smooth shifting and comfortable driving.

2008 Toyota Tacoma Towing Capacity

When it comes to towing capacity, the 2008 Toyota Tacoma boasts two engine options: the 2.7L 4-Cyl and the 4.0L V6. Let’s break down what each can do.

2008 Toyota Tacoma Towing Capacity & Payload Capacity Chart 4x2
2008 Toyota Tacoma Towing & Payload Capacity Chart 4×2
2008 Toyota Tacoma Towing Capacity & Payload Capacity Chart 4x4
2008 Toyota Tacoma Towing & Payload Capacity Chart 4×4

Towing Capacity of the 2.7L 4-Cyl

This engine, though smaller, is a mighty workhorse. Whether you’re using the Regular or Access Cab, with either 5-Speed Manual or 4-Speed Auto configurations, this engine can consistently tow up to 3,500 lbs.

EngineDriveCabsTransmissionPayload Capacity (lbs.)Towing Capacity (Std/Max) (lbs.)GCWR (lbs.)
2.7L 4-Cyl4×2Regular Cab5-Speed Manual1,3503,500/3,5007,500
2.7L 4-Cyl4×2Regular Cab4-Speed Auto1,3803,500/3,5007,500
2.7L 4-Cyl4×2Access Cab5-Speed Manual1,3603,500/3,5007,500
2.7L 4-Cyl4×2Access Cab4-Speed Auto1,3403,500/3,5007,500
2.7L 4-Cyl4×2PreRunner Regular Cab5-Speed Manual1,6203,500/3,5008,000
2.7L 4-Cyl4×2AccessCab PreRunner5-Speed Manual1,5803,500/3,5008,000
2.7L 4-Cyl4×4Regular Cab5-Speed Manual1,4853,500/3,5008,000
2.7L 4-Cyl4×4Access Cab5-Speed Manual1,4453,500/3,5008,000

That’s enough power to haul a small boat or a couple of jet skis for your next weekend’s getaway!

Towing Capacity of the 4.0L V6

If you require more pulling power, then the 4.0L V6 engine is your go-to. While it also has a standard towing capacity of 3,500 lbs in some configurations, it can ramp up to an impressive maximum of 6,500 lbs.

EngineDriveCabsTransmissionPayload Capacity (lbs.)Towing Capacity (Std/Max) (lbs.)GCWR (with Towing Pkg) (lbs.)
4.0L V64×2X-Runner Access Cab V66-Speed Manual8653,500/3,5007,500
4.0L V64×2Access Cab V6 PreRunner6-Speed Manual1,5203,500/6,5008,100 (11,000)
4.0L V64×2Access V6 PreRunner5-Speed Auto1,4953,500/6,5008,100 (11,000)
4.0L V64×2Double Cab PreRunner V65-Speed Auto1,4953,500/6,5008,100 (11,000)
4.0L V64×2Double Cab PreRunner Longbed V65-Speed Auto1,4403,500/6,5008,100 (11,000)
4.0L V64×4Access Cab V66-Speed Manual1,3853,500/6,5008,100 (11,100)
4.0L V64×4Access Cab V65-Speed Auto1,3603,500/6,5008,100 (11,100)
4.0L V64×4Double Cab V66-Speed Manual1,3853,500/6,5008,100 (11,100)
4.0L V64×4Double Cab V65-Speed Auto1,3603,500/6,5008,100 (11,100)
4.0L V64×4Double Cab V6 Longbed5-Speed Auto1,3053,500/6,5008,100 (11,100)

This increase in towing power is available in the Access Cab and Double Cab configurations, with either manual or automatic transmission.

Imagine the possibilities – a large trailer, a boat, or a small horse trailer could all be easily towed behind your Tacoma.

2008 Toyota Tacoma Payload Capacity

But what about payload capacity? After all, towing isn’t everything – you’ll also want to know how much your Tacoma can carry!

Payload Potential of the 2.7L 4-Cyl

The 2.7L 4-Cyl engine, depending on the configuration, offers a payload capacity ranging from 1,340 to 1,620 lbs. in the 4×2 category, and up to 1,485 lbs. in the 4×4.

This engine provides a surprising amount of payload potential for its size, making it a viable option for those in need of a durable, hardworking vehicle.

Payload Capacity of the 4.0L V6

The 4.0L V6, on the other hand, provides a payload capacity that ranges from 865 to 1,520 lbs. in the 4×2 category, and up to 1,385 lbs. in the 4×4.

This means that, regardless of your specific needs, the Tacoma can handle a substantial amount of weight in the cargo bed.

2008 Toyota Tacoma Tongue Load

Tongue load refers to the weight that the trailer applies to the hitch of the towing vehicle. It is a critical factor to consider for safe and stable towing.

The 2008 Toyota Tacoma, whether equipped with the 2.7L 4-Cyl or the 4.0L V6 engine, offers the following tongue load capabilities:

2.7L 4-Cylinder Engine

The 2008 Toyota Tacoma models equipped with the 2.7L 4-Cyl engine consistently offer a tongue load of 350 lbs.

This figure applies to both the standard and maximum capacities.

4.0L V6 Engine

Models with the 4.0L V6 engine vary in their tongue load capabilities. Some models have a consistent tongue load of 350 lbs, both standard and maximum.

However, certain configurations offer an increased maximum tongue load of up to 650 lbs.

2008 Toyota Tacoma Curb Weight & GVWR

Let’s break down the 2008 Toyota Tacoma’s maximum curb weight and GVWR values based on data.

2.7L 4-Cylinder Engine

Among the 2.7L 4-Cyl engine models, the Access Cab PreRunner variant with a 4×2 drive and a 5-Speed Manual transmission has the highest curb weight, coming in at 3,640 lbs.

As for the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), the 2.7L 4-Cyl 4×4 Access Cab with a 5-Speed Manual transmission tops the list with a GVWR of 5,350 lbs.

EngineDriveCabsTransmissionCurb Weight (lbs.)GVWR (lbs.)
2.7L 4-Cyl4×2Regular Cab5-Speed Manual3,2004,550
2.7L 4-Cyl4×2Regular Cab4-Speed Auto3,2204,550
2.7L 4-Cyl4×2Access Cab5-Speed Manual3,4904,850
2.7L 4-Cyl4×2Access Cab4-Speed Auto3,5104,850
2.7L 4-Cyl4×2PreRunner Regular Cab5-Speed Manual3,3806,500
2.7L 4-Cyl4×2AccessCab PreRunner5-Speed Manual3,6706,500
2.7L 4-Cyl4×4Regular Cab5-Speed Manual3,6156,500
2.7L 4-Cyl4×4Access Cab5-Speed Manual3,9055,350

4.0L V6 Engine

Turning to the 4.0L V6 models, the highest curb weight is found in the 4×4 Double Cab V6 Longbed model with a 5-Speed Automatic transmission, which weighs in at 4,135 lbs.

This model also holds the highest GVWR among the 4.0L V6 models at 5,450 lbs.

EngineDriveCabsTransmissionCurb Weight (lbs.)GVWR (lbs.)
4.0L V64×2X-Runner Access Cab V66-Speed Manual3,7354,600
4.0L V64×2Access Cab V6 PreRunner6-Speed Manual3,7305,350
4.0L V64×2Access V6 PreRunner5-Speed Auto3,7555,350
4.0L V64×2Double Cab PreRunner V65-Speed Auto3,8555,350
4.0L V64×2Double Cab PreRunner Longbed V65-Speed Auto3,9105,450
4.0L V64×4Access Cab V66-Speed Manual3,9655,350
4.0L V64×4Access Cab V65-Speed Auto3,9905,350
4.0L V64×4Double Cab V66-Speed Manual4,0655,450
4.0L V64×4Double Cab V65-Speed Auto4,0905,450
4.0L V64×4Double Cab V6 Longbed5-Speed Auto4,1455,450

Expert Guide to Toyota Tacoma Towing and Payload Capacities

When it comes to the Toyota Tacoma, understanding its towing and payload capabilities is essential for optimizing its performance and ensuring safe operation.

In this section, we will provide key insights and recommendations for each model.

  • Weight Considerations: Remember that all weight figures include occupants, equipment, and cargo. A Class III or IV hitch receiver and sway control device are either required or recommended for additional equipment.
  • V6 Model Upgrades: For V6 Tacoma models, it is advised to upgrade the alternator for enhanced performance.
  • Towing Compatibility and Safety: Prior to towing, confirm that your vehicle and trailer are compatible, properly hooked up, and equipped with all necessary additional gear. Do not exceed any Weight Ratings and review all instructions and cautions from your trailer hitch manufacturer and Toyota vehicle Owner’s Manual.
  • Maximum Towing Capacity: The maximum towing capacity depends on the total weight of cargo, occupants, and available equipment in the vehicle. For models with the available 6,500-lb. Tow Package, a Class III tow hitch is required.
  • Off-Road Driving: Toyota Tacomas are designed to meet most off-road driving requirements, but abusive use may result in bodily harm or damage. Toyota encourages responsible operation to protect you, your vehicle, and the environment.
  • Payload Capacity: The Tacoma can achieve a payload capacity of up to 1,640 lbs.

By following these expert recommendations, you can ensure that your Toyota Tacoma performs at its best, offering you a safe and enjoyable driving experience.


How much weight can a 2008 Toyota Tacoma carry in the bed?

The 2008 Toyota Tacoma’s payload capacity, which refers to the maximum amount of weight it can carry in its cargo area and passenger compartment, ranges between 865 to 1,620 pounds.

This includes the weight of passengers and cargo. The actual weight the truck’s bed can carry will depend on the number of passengers and the weight of any additional equipment.

How much can a 2008 Toyota Tacoma pull?

The towing capacity of the 2008 Toyota Tacoma can range from 3,500 to 6,500 pounds.

This capacity depends on the specific configuration of the truck, including factors such as the engine size, drivetrain, and whether it is equipped with a towing package.

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The 2.7L 4-Cyl and the 4.0L V6 engines offer different levels of towing and payload capacity.

So, when deciding between these two options, consider what you’ll most often be using your truck for.

Do you need more towing power? Or is payload capacity more important for your daily needs?

Let’s look at the numbers again:

  • The 2.7L 4-Cyl can tow up to 3,500 lbs and carry between 1,340 and 1,620 lbs (4×2) or up to 1,485 lbs (4×4).
  • The 4.0L V6 can tow between 3,500 and 6,500 lbs and carry between 865 and 1,520 lbs (4×2) or up to 1,385 lbs (4×4).

This comparison should help you make an informed decision based on your towing and payload needs.

Always consult your Owner’s Manual and adhere to recommended weight ratings and guidelines to ensure safe and efficient towing and hauling experiences.

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